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Sales of used motorhomes

Thank you for your interest in a used motorhome from Womika.

Just click on the vehicles on the left to receive a detailed description of the respective vehicles with photos and sketches.

The motorhomes we have for sale are partially vehicles we bought from customers or have their order to sell them), the other part are our renting vehicles, with which the VAT can be separately invoiced.
The vehicles are always serviced in specialized workshops (Fiat, VOLKSWAGEN etc.) and additionally regularly examined and maintained by Womika. A lot of details make the "womika edition" vehicles more comfortable and uncomplicated, e.g. longer disk wiping sheets with the Fiat Ducato, additional warm air outlets, power-saving lighting for longer battery life  etc.

When desired we offer you for example:
Satellite TV, mobile Phone, motorcycle stage, awning, air conditioner etc.
If we can`t offer you your dream motorhome right now, we gladly take a reservation, or

You select a new motorhome exactly according to your desires,
we order and rent it out for some months according to agreement and
you take it over at the before fixed time clearly under the ex-factory price.
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